When a non-witch, or Kiki's father, and a witch, Kiki's mother, get married and have a daughter, it's typical for the girl to be brought up as a witch. It is custom to have the daughter decide whether or not she wants to pursue being a witch. This happened around the age of ten. Once she decided to become a witch, it would be her mother's job to teach her the art of witchcraft and that which was passed down.

Then, at thirteen, the young witch would leave home to begin a new life where she could hone her skills. She would choose a night where the full moon would shine brightly, then hop on her broom and go off in search of a location where no witch had settled before. Once she finds the perfect spot, in this case the city of Koriko, she must put her magic to good use in some way to better the world.

This was a lot to ask of a child, but in a time where the number of witches had dwindled and their magic wasn't as strong as it once was, it had to be done to prevent witches from dying out altogether. It was an added bonus that regular humans got to see that witches did indeed exist and they were good and kind and had positive intentions.

As a child, witches would learn techniques to fly properly and very quickly. They would also learn potion-making, which involved understandingand growing medicinal herbs to make things such as sneeze medicine. Grinding and dicing leaves and roots to a fine powder, then slowly simmering them in a pot. These two forms of magic were the primary forms used in these days. Over the centuries, many many different kinds of magics had been lost, and although there was a time where witches had many powers, it no longer was that way.

Black cats were also a very important part of a young witches upbringing. Kiki had Jiji and her mother had Meimei. In order to find the cat, the witch would birth her daughter and search for a young kitten born around the same time. Growing up together, the daughter and cat would learn to communicate and the cat was a third form of magic. Only when the young girl grew up and find a life of her own would the cat do the same and go on his or her way.