Kiki always knew her mother was a witch and it didn't bother her much. However, she wasn't always sure she wanted to be a witch herself. Her friends had parents that had normal jobs, like being a hairdresser, and it made Kiki wonder which path she should follow. She knew that witches were dwindling and it was important to her mother to keep the tradition going. However, Kiki also knew that she had to want to do it for herself.

It wasn't until one day when her mother asked Kiki if she wanted to learn to fly. Though timid at first, Kiki got to liking it and eventually fell in love with flying. That is why she decided to become a witch. However, because Kiki was prone to daydreams and not paying attention, she would often dip while on her broom, flying too low. Her mother tied bells to the lowest trees so that her feet would hit them and snap her out of it.

When Kiki embarks on her adventure to find a place she can call home, she wears an oversized purple dress, red flats, and a bright red bow. Kiki is very adventerous and eager to get away. She is also a very kind girl and shy at first, always wanting to please and help someone. These are the traits that make her the ideal witch.