Kokiri is Kiki's mother, a descendant from a long line of witches. She is a very pleasant woman with puffy red hair. She is a resident witch and herbalist, known in their village for being a proficient potion-maker. She is also great on a broom and flies very well. Kokiri is sweet to her daughter and loves her very much. She is a little overprotective, but willing to let Kiki go off at 13 to hone her skills.

Okino is Kiki's father. He was once a scholar, a specialist in legends and folktales about witches and faeries. When we first meet him, he is a clumsy gentleman packing the family car to go away on a camping trip. It's clear from the interactions between him and Kiki that they have a very close relationship. He even lets her have his favorite radio while she goes off on her trip.

Jiji is Kiki's black cat and best friend. He is a timid, anxious cat that would prefer to stay safe at home than go on an adventure. In the beginning of their adventure to the city, he and Kiki have quite a lot to say to each other. After Kiki loses the ability to speak to him though, and her trials become more arduous and adult, we can assume that the reason she doesn't get the ability to speak to him again is because she has outgrown him, maturing as a witch and young girl.

Osono is a bubbly woman with a big personality. She is loud and jubilant, a serious contrast from her mute, serious husband. Osono is expecting a baby and this may be why her maternal instincts kicked in when she met Kiki and felt the overwhelming need to help her. She is a gifted baker and runs Gutiokipanja Bakery with her husband.

The Baker is Osono's husband. He is a man of few words with a very stern appearance. He is large and muscular, and a very skilled baker, clear from one scene where he is shown spinning pans covered in unbaked rolls on his fingertips. Occasionally, he can be seen winking at Jiji, hinting he might know something is up with the cat, and sometimes you can catch a smile on his face.

Tombo is a young teenaged boy that catches sight of Kiki flying one day and becomes fascinated with her. Slowly, he also develops a crush and persistenly pursues her, despite her shrugging him off. Tombo is entranced by anything involving flying. He is also a skilled inventor and engineers a small plane out of a bike that he uses to glide through the sky.

Ursula is an artist and a hermit. She leaves deep in the forest just outside of Koriko city. She can be classified as a hippy. She travels occasionally, visiting Kiki in the city and giving her some words of wisdom. She is also one who likes to bargain, once making Kiki scrub her floors to get back a stuffed toy that didn't even belong to her. She practices tough love and helps Kiki to realize her "artist's block."

Madame and Barsa, pictured respectively, are two elderly women that live in a mansion. Madame is wealthy and lives alone with her maid and friend, Barsa. Madame is a very kind, humble woman, often baking pies for her ungrateful niece. Barsa, meanwhile, is familiar with Kiki's type since her great grandmother told her all about witches. She is a spirited woman for one so old and likes pretending to fly on Kiki's broom when no one is looking!